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Move with the times on a Peugeot Kisbee Scooter.

  • image descriptionWed, Jun 22nd, 2011 10:41:07 am
Great bike! Great Deal!

British commuters are switching to scooters in increasing numbers – registrations are up by 20% during the first four months of the year.  Low running costs, typically 80-100 mpg and just £16 road tax, makes two-wheelers an attractive alternative to cars and public transport.  Now Peugeot, who have topped the sales charts for 50cc scooters in January, February and April this year, are giving commuters another reason to switch, with the offer of a voucher worth £300 against the purchase price of a new Kisbee.

Designed to be the perfect partner for urban travellers, the Peugeot Kisbee (rhymes with Frisbee) offers hassle-free commuting at a low cost to both the rider and the environment. Simple in concept, but advanced in design, the Kisbee's 49cc 4-stroke engine features a new piston design, lighter con-rod and 3 chamber exhaust, so it produces more torque but remains compact, lightweight and reliable. Combined with the fully automatic transmission, it delivers more than enough power for nipping through congested urban areas, yet it emits around 30% less Co2 than an equivalent size 2-stroke scooter, while delivering optimum fuel efficiency (100 mpg).  Weighing in at 95kg, the compact Kisbee is easy to squeeze into the tightest parking space and is easy to manoeuvre through town and city traffic too.

Produced in Black, White, Blue and Red colour ways, and covered by a 24-month warranty, the Kisbee normally retails for £1549 but costs just £1249 after the voucher is applied.

Visit the Kisbee page now for details (Please remember this is a limited time offer which may have ended).